Compact Install & Design

Here at GDS we will customise or supply any instrument housing for your project instrumentation needs. We provide a full instrumentation install service for your peace of mind and our years of experience will find a bespoke solution that can either be retrofitted to your existing instrument setups or provide a solution to a new/existing project.
If you require an install, standard housing option or design a custom setup, then GDS has it covered!

See the following examples of instrumentation installs for various projects across New Zealand:

All-in-1 Protective monument for all telemetry logging equipment and/or asset protection.

Cone Penetration Testing and Instrumentation Install & Monitoring of Slope Failures

Cone Penetration Testing Rig Installation of Push-In VWP (no Drill rig or grout required)

Critical basement carpark monitoring for water levels and early warning triggers.

Dust control, pond and pump flow monitoring during earthworks session

Environmental Monitoring for stream water levels and flow

Ground improvement Install for VWP and groundwater monitoring

Installation of Flush-mount toby telemetry for groundwater monitoring

Monitoring flow of stormwater outflow via V-Notch Weir

Equipment Rental

GDS has a variety of instruments for hire, these Instruments, Readouts and Dataloggers are available for product hire on a short-term (fortnightly) or long-term (monthly) basis including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Water Monitoring Loggers
  • Inclinometer Readout units
  • Telemetry Dataloggers
  • Settlement Systems
  • VW Readout units
  • Tiltmeters