Water seepage is the name given to the phenomenon when the water flows from one place to another via little holes or porous material. It usually occurs after heavy rainfall and might create hydrostatic pressure against the foundation of any structure. It is, therefore, very essential to measure the water seepage and to understand and predict the behaviour of the structure. It is used for dam monitoring as the quantity of water seeping through, around or under a dam is of great importance in analysing the structural behaviour of a dam.


V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring

The Vibrating Wire Sister Bar is used to measure strain in concrete structures such as diaphragm/slurry walls, piles, tunnel lining, bridge abutments, foundations, dams etc. It contains of a hollow bar with vibrating wire strain gage which is coaxially mounted inside it. On the two end sides the hollow bar is extended with 12 mm Ø reinforced bars. This model is also available with a 16 mm Ø reinforced bar variant.

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Digital Seepage Monitoring System

This unit is specifically designed for measuring pore water pressure in small diameter boreholes and standpipes. It is made of stainless steel with a built-in thermistor for temperature measurement and surge arrester for protection from lightning. For an easy cable connection a glass to metal solder pin connector is provided. The sensor is hermetically sealed with a vacuum of around 0.001 Torr inside it. A low air entry value ceramic flat filter is provided with a grain size of 40-60 microns unless specified otherwise.

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