Dynamic Strain Gauge

This is a weldable strain gauge, a precision strain gauge with high frequency response for dynamic strain/stress monitoring. It is commonly called dynamic strain gauge. Dynamic strain gauge plays a vital role in measuring structural health monitoring. It is specially designed for installation on the structural steel membrane, on which the stress/strain needs to be monitored, by spot welding.


The strain gauge generates a bridge signal output (mV/V) proportional to the stress on the structure.

This weldable strain gauge is a strain gauge of choice over vibrating wire strain gauges in applications where stress changes very fast and dynamic monitoring is required. This unit offers the provision of waterproof installation, the dynamic strain gauge are most suitable ones for long term reliability, when installed in hostile environments such as in bridge applications.

Various choices of datalogger is available to collect and transfer strain gage data to central server.

Sensor Type Weldable foil type
Sensor range ±3000 micro strain
Sensor length 21 mm
Gage factor 2.0
Gage resistance 350 Ohms
Operating temp.
-20 to 175°C
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