Horizontal Inclinometer

This model is one of the most advanced MEMS digital inclinometer systems of the world. It uses Android mobile phone as a readout and data storage unit so that it is having the high computational power and high-resolution color display capabilities. This system is used to accurately measure horizontal movement including settlement and heave of storage tank, structures, landfills, etc.


The horizontal inclinometer system provides significant quantitative data on the magnitude of settlement and its variation with time. It gives information on pattern of settlement and effectiveness of construction control measures.

This system consists of inclinometer casings with couplings, probes with operating cables and a mobile phone data logger. Accessories like a dummy probe and calibration jig are available on demand.

System accuracy ± 2 mm/30 m (± 0.1 in/100 ft)
Cable 6 mm Ø, 2 core kevlar reinforced polyurethane sheathed
Cable reel upto 100 m (330 ft) 300 mm Ø (flange)
100-200 m (330-650 ft) 380 mm Ø (flange)
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Equipment Rental

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