Mechanical MPBX

This unit is a mechanical multipoint borehole extensometer which is economical, reliable and preferred to use at the locations where access to the mouth of borehole is easily available. The reading are taken manually with a micrometer depth gauge.


This unit is suitable for upward borehole, while other models are suitable for downward borehole

The MPBX essentially consists of anchors grouted in a borehole at different depth sand connected to a reference plate with connecting rods (fiberglass or stainless steel). The connecting rods are enclosed inside heavy duty protective tubing to allow for free movement. The change in displacement between the anchors and reference plate is accurately monitored with passage of time.

The initial reading is taken as the base. Subsequent readings are then compared with the initial reading to determine the magnitude of change in displacement across the opening.

Type Mechanical
No. of points 2-3 points; 76 mm borehole
4-6 points; 102 mm borehole
Extension rod Stainless steel or fibre glass
Anchor Groutable or packer
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